The Edison Examiner

Treetop Academics’ Edison Publishing class is home to the Edison student-run newspaper, The Edison Examiner. The 2017/2018 school year will be the second installment of the Examiner. We hope to bring the Edison community six-eight editions this school year. Current and past downloadable editions can be found on this webpage when they are available. 8.5x 11″ and 11×17″ editions are available for download. The 11×17 version folds like a traditional newspaper. These editions fall under copyrighted material, but feel free to download for keepsake, student, and academic use.

Joining the Publishing class is not the only way to contribute to the Examiner, but students in this class are the writers, editors, and the creative force behind every part of this ongoing publication. As a team, students will interview, write, cover stories, edit, submit original work, and be a part of the decision making processes associated with this ‘fit to print’ newspaper. Outside (at home) writing work is encouraged depending on the scope of the article, required research, and the interest of the student.

This is an Edison Community Newspaper that is not limited to just the happenings of Edison, but a platform for students to think, investigate, write about, and communicate their interests to add value to their community through thoughtful journalism. We will publish a new newspaper approximately every six weeks with an opportunity to expand depending on Examiner staff interest and collective decision making. This is an exciting, faster-paced ‘newsroom’ opportunity for students who love would like to be a part of the ongoing creative process associated with running a school newspaper.

Edison Examiner October 2016 8.5×11

Edison Examiner October 2016 11×17

Edison Examiner December 2016 8.5×11

Edison Examiner December 2016 11×17

Edison Examiner Jan 2017 8.5×11

Edison Examiner Jan 2017 Final 11×17

Edison Examiner April 2017 8.5×11

Edison Examiner April 2017 11×17

EdisonExaminer June 2017 8.5×11

EdisonExaminer June 2017 11×17

Edison Examiner 90th Anniversary 8.5×11

Edison Examiner 90th Anniversary 11×17

EdisonExaminerSept 2017

EdisonExaminerSept 2017 11×17

EdisonExaminerOct 2017 8.5×11

EdisonExaminerOct 2017 11×17

EdisonExaminerDecember2017 8.5×11

EdisonExaminerDecember2017 11×17