Treetop Academics L.L.C. is dedicated to providing meaningful, hands on, project-based, and student-centered educational opportunities through best teaching practices and age appropriate curriculum to elementary school students in the Eugene-Springfield area. While providing the structure and tools, and by putting students at the center of learning, our programs are designed to allow exploration and creativity, while encouraging students to use their faculties to the best of their individual ability and, with practice and support, test theories about their own learning.
Late policy: Please Note If parents are more than a few minutes late picking their child up from class more than once, or if the one time exceeds 10 minutes beyond the time class ends, Treetop Academics will charge $1 per minute for every minute parents are late picking up a student. In the event that this happens, the account will be sent an electronic bill for that late charge. If the late charge is not paid, the amount will be deducted from the cost of tuition and your child will not be allowed to come to subsequent classes beyond that total deduction. To avoid this, please pick up your kids or arrange childcare necessary to ensure your child feels safe and is not worried about where you are or what will happen to them.

Payments: Parents are responsible for paying all bills owed to Treetop Academics on time. Payment for individual classes are due within 7 days of the date we send the bill via email, as stated above. If you receive a monthly bill from us payment is due within 10 days of the sent statement.

Electronic Payment and Online class enrollment: If you use our electronic enrollment form to register for a class, you will be sent a confirmation email once we have processed you initial enrollment form. That confirmation email is the receipt and bill for the class. You are responsible for accepting this email and remitting the amount owed. Your child is enrolled in our class once your payment is received.

If payment is not received within 7 days of the receipt sent, your child’s spot will be dropped from the class roster in order to make room for another student. Directions, payment options, and amounts will be clearly indicated on the payment email you receive from Treetop Academics. If there are any problems related to payment, or if you are worried that you missed a deadline, please contact our Administrative Director. Online payment is immediate verification.

Parents: Please take some time to download and read through our parent/Student Handbook.  It should answer many questions about our programs and policies. If you have any additional questions that you may not find answers to, please feel free to contact our Administrative Director.

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