No-School Day Camps!

Join the Edison Hackathon!

*October 13th      *November 21st      *November 22nd

         *February 2nd     *May 4th       *June 8th

Treetop Academics is pleased to offer new camp opportunities for students during some of the no-school days that don’t land on national holidays. Each day is a separate occasion with the date listed above. See below for descriptions and day structure for your non-school day care needs.
Our ‘Hackathons’ will not be the sleep deprived, pizza eating, energy drink guzzling hack marathons (sorry kids) so much as an exciting day-long challenge driven opportunity in STEM fields of study here at Edison!

Attendees will get a crash-course opportunity to work in groups solving challenges using computer science, programming, robotics, electronics, engineering, math, and technology. The Edison Hackathon is an exploratory time for students in a fun directed environment perfect for a useful and educational no-school day. There will be plenty of breaks, and time for lunch/playground as we craft this well-rounded and structured day of exploration. Costumes optional!

There are a number of flexible care options. See registration below for what fits best for your schedule

**Regular Camp 9am-3pm for the ‘Hackathon’ = $50/day

Extended-Care before:
…..8am -3pm =$60/day …..8am-4pm=$70/day
…..8am-5pm=$80/day …..8am-6pm=$90/day
Extended-Care after:
…..9am-4pm=$60/day …..9am-5pm=$70/day
…..9am-6pm= $80/day

*Siblings get $10 off per sibling the option you decide!

How to Register
Register online using the Register button on the top right of your screen.