Buena Vista Elementary

WHO: 1st-5th grade
WHEN: Thursdays 2:30-3:45pm, November 10th-December 15th
PROGRAM: Science: Anatomy, Physiology, & Health Sciences!


Anatomy, Physiology, & Health Sciences!   


In our hands-on, project-based Fall-term Science class, students will learn all about health and the human body. Specifically, we will look, and conduct experiment around, the skeletal, circulatory, muscular, digestive, nervous, immune, and respiratory systems, in addition to, learning about exercise, nutrition, cells and the function of the human body and how it works. All projects will be age-appropriate, safe, and the class does not require any background experience or expertise, just an interest in learning.  We encourage all students to share their ideas, test theories, and become engaged participants in class. Experiments/projects change weekly and class will be outside or inside, as appropriate.  See you there!

$65 for 5-Week Program

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WHO: K-5th grade
WHEN: Tuesdays 2:30-3:45pm, November 15th-December 13th



This is our second year offering Art for BV students, and our first offering to Kinders! We have an excellent, well-rounded year planned for students with new projects for the ongoing learner. This is an unconventional Art class, where projects will be engaging, fun, and creative.

In the Treetop Academics Art class, students will create their own art projects, study the artwork of others, and be encouraged to share their ideas about Art. Weekly Art projects involve a wide array of mediums and subject matter. Projects will be both ‘outside the box,’ and ‘conventional’ in their approach and result, with a focus primarily on creativity more than ability.

Students will learn about Art and artists from other time-periods/cultures, including modern and contemporary, with some weekly lessons drawn from their work. No experience is necessary as this is a class to develop a love for art and expand the student experience while having fun, creating Art and exploration!

$65 for 5-Week Program


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