Charlemagne Elementary

WHO: 1st-5th grade
WHERE: Room 7
WHEN: Mondays 2:45-4:00pm
October 9th – December 11th
PROGRAM: Fun with Physics & Engineering!


Fall Term 2017 Registration is Open

Fun with Physics & Engineering!

In our hands-on, project-based Fall-term Science class, students will explore the foundations of classical mechanics and engineering through building. Hands-on weekly experiments explore concepts such as conservation of energy, the laws of motion, speed/velocity, electricity, magnetism, and gravity, while working with roller coasters, electromagnets, simple machines, and more. All classes and experiments will be explored with a study of the scientific method, inquiry-based research, and student-centered participation. Students will work individually and in groups each week with hands on projects/experiments. Projects will be age-appropriate, safe, and the class does not require any background experience or expertise, just an interest in learning.  We encourage all students to share their ideas, test theories, and become engaged participants in class. Experiments/projects change weekly and class will be outside or inside, as appropriate.  See you there!

$125 per term

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