Charlemagne Elementary

WHO: 1st-5th grade
WHERE: Room 7
WHEN: Mondays 2:45-4:00pm
January 22nd – March 19th
PROGRAM: Electronics & Robotics I


Winter Term 2017 Registration is Open: Updated 1/1/18

Electronics & Robotics Term I

Our Winter term Science class will be a multi-disciplinary experience in electronics leading to integration in robotics. This class will introduce the fundamentals of circuitry, electronics, programming, and integrating these concepts with Robotics and hands-on applications. Students will be given differentiated challenges, tasks, and opportunities to increase their own individual abilities while working with others in groups. We will be working with simple circuits and electricity, focusing on the fundamentals into the larger world of robotics and programming.

If you student has ever looked at an electronic device and asked, “How does that work?” or “How can I make that?” then, this is the right place to start. The aim of this class is to offer opportunities for each student that will build a foundation in the content areas from the ground up. This will be a comprehensive class with a focus on supporting the student to explore, create, and learn in the world of computer science, technology, robotics and programming. Currently, this is term one of a two-term experience in Electronics and Robotics. No prior experience is necessary. See you there!

$100 for 8-Week term

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